Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playing with paint

Repainting things white is strangely addictive. I discovered this when I decided to try out my new paint on small wooden objects before tackling bigger stuffs like..shelves..chairs ...and all wood surfaces I could think of.

Mauvilac in Snow white Mat emulsion

In the process, I also learnt what NOT to do. Silly stuffs you pro's already know. 1) Do not dilute paint too much 2) Beware of coat thickness which can be troublesome when re-assembling pieces (especially when dealing with drawers)

Point-in-fact, the poor little one almost had no lid. Once I was finished, I had to sand, again, but it would still not close properly.

Now, with fevicryl, which is a great acrylic paint for fabric, I use to stencil on bags etc, but which I used on a paper canvas I had since forever & just wasn't inspired to do anything good with.

...some of my fevicryl pots are new. Collecting them is also addictive. haha

Friday, April 2, 2010

Eggs are beautiful

Via Casa Bella

Casa Bella featured a fabulous post on easter eggs. It's funny that I used to find them ugly. In fact, I never liked painting them(even back in kindergarden, when you were "forced" to do easter eggs), however, I've had a change of heart seeing these...