Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playing with paint

Repainting things white is strangely addictive. I discovered this when I decided to try out my new paint on small wooden objects before tackling bigger stuffs like..shelves..chairs ...and all wood surfaces I could think of.

Mauvilac in Snow white Mat emulsion

In the process, I also learnt what NOT to do. Silly stuffs you pro's already know. 1) Do not dilute paint too much 2) Beware of coat thickness which can be troublesome when re-assembling pieces (especially when dealing with drawers)

Point-in-fact, the poor little one almost had no lid. Once I was finished, I had to sand, again, but it would still not close properly.

Now, with fevicryl, which is a great acrylic paint for fabric, I use to stencil on bags etc, but which I used on a paper canvas I had since forever & just wasn't inspired to do anything good with.

...some of my fevicryl pots are new. Collecting them is also addictive. haha

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