Saturday, June 5, 2010

DIY Flower Pin

You'll need:
-Pieces of fabric. You'll laugh when I tell you where mine are from. The hem of a maxi dress that my mom cut out when re-adjusting her dress, my old voile curtains. Just to say that the more scraps you have, the better off you are, more choices and more designs.

(1) Cut a square the size of the flower pin you want. (2) Draw a leaf on paper(the shape of your leaf determines your flower design, so play around with it and find what suits your purpose) and cut out to make a stencil

(3) Fold into quarters (4) Pin your stencil

(5) Cut out the leaf, being careful not to snip away the middle part of your square.

(6) You want to obtain a four leaves flower shape on opening the "square". Duplicate this as many times you want

(7) Repeat using a smaller square and a smaller stencil. Again duplicate the shape you obtained

(8) Layer the shapes. Sorry there's no proper picture of what I actually did. But you should get the idea from the above one.

(9) Press all the layers and sew a cross shape in the middle. The tighter you sew it, the more "bud-like" the flower pin will look like. I made mine practically flat.

(10) Then sew the beads to hide the stitches on the front. You can also use felt, buttons, etc.

(11) You can glue/stitch to a pin. Or like me, stitch directly to the "make-up bag" I made from old jeans.

Sorry for the quality of the images, the weather is crappy today, while the flash is blinding.

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