Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Autumn theme Wedding Table number

 Photo Courtesy: Kevin

Sharing with you a craft project from June 2012. Better late than never right?! It was for my dear friend J, who was a beautiful June bride! We went for a simple table number based on her "Autumn theme" wedding decor and I added a zest of her other homeland, which you can guess from the Maple leaf...J went with a mini bouquet to hold the table number..

...Inspiration for her whole wedding decor originally stemmed from this picture that we fished online last year...
Source: Unknown

.:Materials& Instructions:.

  • Cardboard paper, sturdy enough to hold its shape
  • Gold spray paint, to pretty up the base (skewer+pin)
  • Mini-pins, to hold the leafs to the base
  • Super glue & paper glue, you want to be careful with the super glue when making up the base
  • Scissors, to cut out the stenciled leafs
  • Pencil, to trace out the leafs on the cardboard
  • Sanding paper, to smooth out any rough edges on the skewers
  • Bamboo skewers, which you can chop to the desired length
  • Stickers (0-9) in gold
  • Customised labels for names, made up of fancy beige paper and designed using Excel, cut with an exacto knife


Sneaking in a peek at her understated but very elegant wedding cake table...

All Photos by LiveYourStyle Atelier

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