Monday, October 4, 2010

Door stopper changes clothes

.:Door Stopper Before:.

.:Door Stopper After:.

I have had a sack of sand that serves me as a door stopper for ever and much like throw pillows, it changes dress often. For now it's burlap and stenciled LiveYourStyle, sewed as a pillow-case. I painted it with Fevicryl acrylic colors for fabric. A custom mix grey. The stencil was bought at Mr Bricolage, I was too lazy to go make my own. The burlap is actually from a re-purposed gift bag. The first few letters are kinda smudged, coz I made the rookie mistake of using too much paint on my brush. It really is better to "layer on paint" from a dry brush. By the way, just like whitewashing, stenciling is way too addictive. You get crazy ideas to stencil everything.


  1. Love your new door stopper! Great idea!

  2. Sharon, thanks for your comment! :) Boy was it a hike!

    You have asked me where I buy my fabrics, and here are links to my favorite web stores. - has tons of fabrics, but is a little bit more expensive per the yard compared to the others. - if you click Sale-A-Bration, you'll get very cheap fabrics. - love their "moda marbles" fabric

    Warning! Allow hours to search through all the yummy fabrics! :))


  3. Ohh thanks for replying Astrid! I'm going to spend hours browsing:)

    p.s: Hope you don't mind me sharing the sources with others...

  4. super cute idea here!!! lovely!!!!

  5. Such a cute and adorable door stopper...

    Almost all DIY projects are addictive,
    you are thinking of the next project already even before finishing the current one. But they are so much fun:)

  6. Hi Sharon, no, I don't mind at all you've shared the links. :)
    I have an AWARD for you on my latest blogpost - going to post it sooon.